Architectural glass door hydraulic patch non digging floor spring

Short Description:

  • Code: D1
  • Name: Hydraulic patch for glass door
  • Door weight: 100/150kgs
  • Width: 1000/1200mm
  • Glass Thickness: 10~15mm
  • Max. opening angle: 140° double action
  • 90° Hold open: NHO/HO optional
  • Temperature: -30℃~60℃
  • Finish: SSS,PSS,Gold, Black matte
  • 1 (1)EU EN1154 Professional certification and quality guarantee

    1 (2)Wind resistance High-performance hydraulic damping

    1 (3)500,000 cycles Ultra-long-life span Quality assurance is safe and durable

    1 (4)Easy to install Easy installation, saving time& labor

    1 (5)Stable load compact design with large load capacity



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    Product Video

    Performance and introduction of D1

    Installation of D1 hydraulic patch

    hydraulic hinge flag shape has durable life and stable performance.

    Product Parameters

    ltems Technical data
    Direction 177*94*55mm
    Maximum opening angle 140°double action
    Material of hydraulic main part Aluminum die casting
    Finish Satin or Mirror
    Closing force EN 2#. EN 3#
    Working temperature -30°℃ ~60°℃
    Lifespan 500,000cycles

    Product Model Selection

    Model No. Product Optional features Applicable door specifications/types Remark
    Body/base color Hold open Door Weight(kg) Door Height(mm) Door Width (mm) Door Thickness (mm) Application
    D1-100S D1 HYDRAULIC PATCH FITTING/100KG/SSS 口Silver口Black (Default is silver) 口Hold open口Non Hold open (Default is hold open) ≤100 ≤2200 ≤1000 10~15 Frameless tempered glass door Matching selection: Top  pacth, Transom sidelite patch, top pivot, patch lock etc.
    D1-150S D1 HYDRAULIC PATCH FITTING/150KG/SSS ≤150 ≤2400 ≤1200

    D1 hydraulic patch PSS

    hydraulic patch 100kgs and 150kgs load capacity
    hydraulic patch speed adjustable with all accessories
    hydraulic patch compliant with CE certified by Intertek.

    D1 hydraulic patch SSS

    internal details of hydraulic patch made by ningbo pentagon, good quality diacasting body.
    internal view of hydraulic patch without cover plate
    hydraulic patch double actions, no need to make cavity in the ground

    Functional Diagram

    hydraulic patch can be used for most of the commercial and residential glass doors, frameless glass doors.
    function of hydraulic patch, double action, speed adjustable.


    1. Open angle:140°double action
    2. Door hold open section:90°and140°-120°
    3. Two speeds adjustable

    1. No need to make cavity on the ground, easy installation and saving labor.
    2. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Maximum anti-wind rating up to grade 5, maximum load capacity. 150kgs.
    3. Re-usable and maintenance free. It can be easily uninstalled without damage to the floor.
    4. EN 1154 certified.
    5. No water and dust accumulation, easy to clean.
    6. SUS304 cover plate, rust resisting.:

    hydraulic patch glass cutouts, adjustment of base seat.


    hydraulic patch fittings, concealed patch closer for glass door. creative design.

    Bottom patch and floor spring function combined, delicate structure,stable function

    advantages of non digging floor spring compared with traditonal floor spring.

    Traditional floor spring+bottom patch

    tiny and neat look after replacing floor spring with hydraulic patch

    No need to make cavrity on the ground, save labor:improve installation efficiency, no water accumulation, easy maintenance, raise lifespan.

    digging cavity for installing a floor spring take a lot of time and labor.

    Need to make cavity on the ground, installation complicated,high labor cost,water accumulation under ground, incomvenient to maintenance,has limitations of place to use.

    non digging floor spring has minimum damage to the floor.

    Can be used in the place where the floor is too thin to dig, without damage to the floor.

    floor spring or hydraulic patch

    Has limitations of place to use. Can not be used in the place where the floor is not thick enough.

    the base of hydraulic patch offer an easy adjustment in 2 directions and the alignment as well.

    Unique base design, easy adjustment, and big adjustable range: 3.5mm backward and fonward, 5mm left and right, 5°alignment adjustment.

    floor spring is bulky than hydraulic patch.

    Incomvenient to adjustment adjustable range is small

    production process of hydraulic patch fittings. strictly QC control for each step.

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