Easy installation hydraulic door closer hinges auto close hinge

Short Description:

  • Code: M2
  • Name: Hydraulic door closer hinge
  • Door weight: 40/60/80kgs
  • Width: 800~1200mm
  • Thickness: 40~60mm
  • Max. opening angle: 180°
  • Open direction: Left-handed / Right-handed
  • Finish: Black, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Copper, SS304 brushed
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    Installation of M2 hydraulic door hinge

    Performance and introduction of M2

    Product Features

    1.This product is used in combination with hydraulic hinge and spring hinge, and there are left and right when installing.

    2. With automatic door closing, three-stage speed and speed can be adjusted, the closing effect is slow and soft Quiet, safe and anti-pinch.

    3. The maximum opening angle is 180° in one direction; if it is less than 80°, the door can be automatically closed.

    Free door stop angle: 80°-180°; Quick closing angle: 80°-30°; Slow closing angle: 30°-10°; Acceleration locking angle(latching angle): 10°-0° can make the door fully closed.

    Hydraulic Door Closer Hinges provide a smooth, controlled closure of interior and exterior doors. Advantages include: adjustable closing speed, easy installation, durability and corrosion resistance. The hinges are suitable for fire-rated applications and are designed to reduce the risk of injury due to accidental door slams.
    hydraulic hinge flag shape has durable life and stable performance.

    How do hydraulic hinges work?

    Power: When the hinge is opened, the twisting deformation of the torsion spring built in the hinge shaft produces a reaction closing force.

    Hydraulic: A small oil cylinder is built in the hinge shaft, and the piston with the oil return hole slides back and forth along the wall of the oil cylinder to produce blockage, that is, hydraulic pressure.

    Damping: When the hinge is closed, the pressure generated by the twisting of the torsion spring forces the hydraulic oil in the cylinder to flow through the small hole of the piston. Because of the small diameter of the oil hole, the oil flow rate is slow, which prevents the torsion spring from closing the door quickly, that is, damping or buffering.

    applicated for hotel doors, residential doors,medical center,clean room,schools.

    Modern homes have higher and higher requirements for functional and comfort,and hydraulic hinges are a good fit for this trend. Whether it is a modern style invisible home door design, or an aluminum framed glass conference room door in an office, or a chain, star-rated hotel room door, it can well play its silent closing and anti-pinch functions. Simple lines and a finely painted appearance match well with different door frame designs and decoration styles.

    Product Model Selection

    Model No. Product Optional projects Applicable door specifications/types Remark
    Latching Material Finish Door Weight(kg) Door Height(mm) Door Width (mm) Door Thickness (mm) Application
    M2L-40 M2 Hydraulic door hinge / 40kg / Left open 口B(with latching force ) 口W (No latching) 口Carbon Steel口SUS304 口Gold
    Other customizable
    ≤40 ≤2000 ≤800 40~60 Wooden door,  metal door, aluminum door spring 1pc hydraulic 1pc
    M2R-40 M2 Hydraulic door hinge / 40kg / Right open
    M2L-60 M2 Hydraulic door hinge / 60kg / Left open 40~60 ≤2200 ≤900 spring 1pc hydraulic 1pc  empty 1pc
    M2R-60 M2 Hydraulic door hinge / 60kg / Right open
    M2L-80 M2 Hydraulic door hinge / 80kg / Left open 60~80 ≤2400 ≤1200 spring 2pcs hydraulic 1pc
    M2R-80 M2 Hydraulic door hinge / 80kg / Right open

    Product Color

    flag hydraulic hinge in black painting
    Hydraulic Door Closer Hinges provide a smooth, controlled closure of interior and exterior doors. Advantages include: adjustable closing speed, easy installation, durability and corrosion resistance. Fire rated door can use it too.

    Process Flow

    production flow and quality control of hydraulic door hardware, door hinges, hydraulic patch fittings, concealed door hinges.

    • Each hinge is Machined for precise installation and smooth movement.
    • Each set of hinge consist of separate spring hinge and hydraulic hinge. 2pc/set or 3pc/set according to different load capacities.
    • The spring hinge is for closing back the door, hydraulic hinge is for damping, so it will close softly. Speed is adjustable through adjusting hydraulic force.
    • Suitable for various of wooden door, metal door, aluminum frame glass door, security door, fire door etc.
    •It can prevent door slams and finger pinch, it makes the door closer softly and quietly.
    •In addition to being used for new renovation projects, this hinge can also be used for old renovations. If the door has been installed with a 4-inch hinge before, it can be adapted to our hinge by enlarge the slot a little.

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  • M2 function

    M2 function

    M2 open direction

    M2 open direction

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