Hydraulic door closer hinge prevent door slams and finger pinch, universal type

Short Description:

  • Code: M5
  • Name: Hydraulic door closer hinge
  • Door weight: 50/70/90kgs
  • Width: 800~1200mm
  • Thickness: 40~60mm
  • Max. opening angle: 180°
  • Open direction: Non-handed (can use for both left open and right open doors)
  • Finish: Black, Silver, Gold, Grey
  • 1 (4)Original separate design of hydraulic And spring,easier to adjust

    1 (3)Independent hydraulic design Good damping effect More safe against wind

    1 (2)The stay open angle upto180° Automatic soft close below80°

    1 (1)Original torsion spring design Durable and reliable

    1 (5)Invention patent structure, Reduce 99% risk of oil leakage



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    Technical Data

    ltems Technical data
    Dimension 157x101.5xφ27.5x4mm
    Maximum opening angle 180°single direction,left or right open
    Material Aviation aluminium
    Finish Aviation aluminium anodized,Gold,Silver,Grey,Black,Bronze,Copper,etc.
    Closing force 50/70kgs:8~10N.m      90kgs:14~18N.m
    Lifespan 200,000cycles
    Maximum  door  weight ≤90kg
    Maximum door height ≤2400mm
    Maximum doo  rwidth ≤1200mm
    Door  thickness ≥40mm
    Scope of application Fire doors,Security doors,Steel doors,Wooden doors Framed glass doors,etc.
    Applicable places Hotel,Restaurant,Office building,Bar,Hidden door,Internal doors
    hydraulic hinge flag shape has durable life and stable performance.

    Product Features

    90°-180°free stay open, easy access.
    Auto matically closing from 80°. Soft closing from 30°, wind-proof Prevent door slamming and anti-pinch.
    Closing speed can be freely adjusted No need to distinguish left and right open,user friendly,saving labor,less inventory.
    Latching or no latching is optional,humanized and safer Speed regulation is integrated on one hinge,easier adjustment.
    All rotating parts are connected with bearings,mute,efficient and durable.

    Installation and introduction

    applicated for hotel doors, residential doors,medical center,clean room,schools.
    hydraulic hinge size
    3 in 1 hydraulic door closer hinge, door hinge, door stopper, door closer
    precision control of tolerance for hydraulic door hinges.

    • Each hinge is Machined for precise installation and smooth movement.
    • Each set of hinge consist of separate spring hinge and hydraulic hinge. 2pc/set or 3pc/set according to different load capacities.
    • The spring hinge is for closing back the door, hydraulic hinge is for damping, so it will close softly. Speed is adjustable through adjusting hydraulic force.
    • Suitable for various of wooden door, metal door, aluminum frame glass door, security door, fire door etc.
    • It can prevent door slams and finger pinch, it makes the door closer softly and quietly.
    • In addition to being used for new renovation projects, this hinge can also be used for old renovations. If the door has been installed with a 4-inch hinge before, it can be adapted to our hinge by enlarge the slot a little.

    Product Model Selection

    Model No. Product Optional features Applicable door specifications / types Remark
    Latching Finish Door Weight(kg) Door Height(mm) Door Width (mm) Door Thickness (mm) Application
    M5-50B M5 Hydraulic door hinge / 50kg / With latching force 口B(with latching force )口W (No latching) 口Gold口Silver




    Other customizable

    ≤50 ≤2000 ≤800 40~60 Wooden door,  metal door, aluminum door spring 1pc hydraulic 1pc
    M5-50W M5 Hydraulic door hinge / 50kg / No latching
    M5-70B M5 Hydraulic door hinge / 70kg / With latching force 60~70 ≤2200 ≤900 spring 1pc hydraulic 1pc  empty 1pc
    M5-70W M5 Hydraulic door hinge / 70kg / No latching
    M5-90B M5 Hydraulic door hinge / 90kg / With latching force 70~90 ≤2400 ≤1200 spring 2pcs hydraulic 1pc
    M5-90W M5 Hydraulic door hinge / 90kg / No latching

    Product Color

    M3 hydraulic hinge-black

    The Hydraulic Door Closer Hinge is a specially designed hinge with built-in hydraulic dampers that slowly close the door after it has been opened. This type of hinge is perfect for residential and commercial applications, as it ensures that the door will close securely and quietly without slamming shut. The hinge is adjustable and easy to install, and it can be used in either left or right-handed doors. With the Hydraulic Door Closer Hinge, you can have peace of mind that your door will stay securely closed.
    Hydraulic door closer hinges are a must-have for any door in your home or office. They make it easier to close and open doors, provide a secure fit, and are designed to be durable and long-lasting. With an adjustable tension setting, they offer precise control to ensure a tight fit when the door closes. Hydraulic hinges are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. They are an ideal choice for any door in your home or office.

    M3 hydraulic hinge-gold

    Hydraulic Door Closer Hinges provide a smooth, controlled closure of interior and exterior doors.

    M3 hydraulic hinge-silver

    Hydraulic Door Closer Hinges provide a smooth, controlled closure of interior and exterior doors.adjustable closing speed, easy installation
    adjustable closing speed, easy installation. durability and corrosion resistance.

    Pentagon experienced in design and development of hydraulic door hardware and exported more than 15 years, selling the hardware all world more than 52 countries. We provide highly efficient and all-round service for you.
    Strict Quality Control

    Meet the need of client with automatic and control service, Keep the factory working innovate and improve all the time, and to realize the forever running, keep develop with the employees and the partners, Keep High quality is our life at first.
    Standardized Production & Creative Design

    Using new outstanding practicality, security, fashionableness and other good features of products are ensured by almost captious material selection, advanced production equipment, first class production technology, creative design, perfect service and integral production management and quality system.

    Process Flow

    production process of hydraulic patch fittings. strictly QC control for each step.

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