Kid safety anti slam door damper Soft close hydraulic door damper concealed type

Short Description:

  • Code: P8
  • Name: Door damper concealed type
  • Door weight: 50kgs
  • Width: 900mm
  • Open direction: left-handed/ right-handed
  • Application: Interior wooden doors
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    Technical Data

    ltems Technical data
    Material Steel and Aluminum
    Suitable door weight ≤50Kg
    Suitable door width 900mm
    Direction Left or Right Open
    Suitable temperature -5°℃ ~40°℃
    Closing force 5N.m
    Lifespan 100,000cycles
    Application Indoor, residential room doors
    hydraulic hinge flag shape has durable life and stable performance.


    1.Compared with other types of door closers, the appearance is small and it is built-in hidden installation, and the overall appearance is high.
    2.The large closing force means that the suitable door weight range is wider and it is nearly doubled compared with the similar type of products. The door weight range is wider to ensure the door can be well locked.
    3.Independent research and development to avoid intellectual property disputes, lower prices and competitive advantages compared with similar products.
    4.Compared with traditional door closers, the door opening force is lighter, and the door is light and not easy to damage the door body.

    Product Model Selection

    Model No. Product Optional features Applicable door specifications/types
    Latching Door Weight(kg) Door Height(mm) Door Width (mm) Door Thickness (mm) Application
    P8 - L P8 Concealed Hydraulic door damper / Left open 口B(with latching force )

    口W (No latching)

    ≤50 ≤2200 ≤900 40~60 Wooden door
    P8 - R P8 Concealed Hydraulic door damper / Right open

    Product Dimension

    door damper dimension

    High temperature resistance Strong load-bearing
    No fading No rust
    Easily adjustable speed
    High quality o ring and metal spacer delicated and durable.

    functional diagram of door damper, anti pinch. DIY friendly.

    Function Diagram

    installation of hydraulic door damper, door panel and frame.
    when choosing a soft close door damper, how to identify the left handed or right handed.

    P8 series is specially designed for interior swing doors. It is concealed type, which installed on the top part of door panel.
    The small mounting piece is installed on top door frame to catch with the damper. The damper requests to cut a small slot on the top of door panel to install the door damper inside. It can be used for wooden doors up to to 50kgs.

    After getting through the door, push the door behind you slightly, and the damper will make it soft closing from the last 15 degrees. It can prevent door slams and finger pinch from external force or wind. Nice appearance, easy to install, DIY friendly

    1.Anti-pinch, prevent door slams, soft close the door quietly and safely.
    2.Suitable for bedroom doors, storage room or restroom doors, and families that have children and elderly people.
    3.Nice solution for school classroom doors, sharing apartments and medical care homes etc.
    The soft close door damper provides a gentle soft close. Manufactured to precise dimensions, this mechanism hides in doors, gently and quietly catching your door similarly to soft-closing drawer slides. Designed for interior door applications, the damper is a great and safe way to reduce the impact of the door upon the end of the closing.

    lnstallation Direction

    production process of hydraulic patch fittings. strictly QC control for each step.

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