How to choose hydraulic door closer hinge?

1.When purchasing, look for smooth appearance and good surface treatment. First, check whether the surface material of the hinge is flat. If you see scratches or deformation, it means that the product is produced from scrap; secondly, carefully observe the surface treatment of the hinge. Generally, hydraulic hinges are made of aluminum, carbon steel or stainless steel. material. It is necessary to pay attention to observe whether the surface painting or drawing lines are uniform and uniform in color.

2. It is necessary to choose the appropriate load-bearing, material, and installation quantity according to the requirements of the installation and use environment. Do not use the hinges under overload situation. If the hinge has left handed or right handed, choose the correct one according to your doors.

3.The most important internal quality of the hydraulic door hinge is that it can close the door smoothly and silently, without oil leakage and abnormal noise. If you are a dealer, you can do relevant tests on the hinges if you have the conditions. If you are a consumer, it may be difficult to judge the inner quality by the appearance alone. You can understand the reputation of different brands, observe the material and workmanship of the hinges, observe whether the hinges are straight and neatly welded, and whether there are gaskets in the middle connecting and rotating parts to reduce friction. You can also weigh the weight of similar products of different brands, and the products with thick quality are better.

4.Check whether the gap between the hinge blade and the main shaft is parallel and consistent, whether the welding is firm, and the hydraulic one can also be rotated by hand to observe whether its automatic return is smooth.

Knowing the critical points of a quality hydraulic hinges will help you select good quality hydraulic hinge products in the market.

Post time: Aug-10-2022