Riding the Wave of Technological Progress – The Functional and Intelligent Door Hardware

The past three years have been extremely difficult and unforgettable years for the door and window industry. The menacing Covid-19 epidemic has brought countless home furnishing industry merchants, dealers and consumers through the deserted market. Under the aftermath of the epidemic, the door and window industry has shown its unique resilience and adaptability.

First of all, consumers' awareness of energy-saving building doors and windows and high-performance system doors and windows has risen to a relatively high level of understanding, and will gradually form a market trend of paying for performance. The building energy-saving door and window market will form a huge market demand with the further improvement of the urbanization process. High-performance system doors and windows will encounter a golden opportunity for development, and the value of system manufacturers will also be fully reflected.


The evolution of market consumption awareness, the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction policies, and the needs to adapt to local climate conditions, systematic, energy-saving, intelligent doors and windows and hardware accessories will usher in a huge market space.

Secondly, for manufacturers, regardless of the material of doors and windows, they should start from a practical and reasonable point of view, reduce energy consumption under the premise of meeting industry standards, and make new technologies their real core competitiveness.

It will take time for China's building materials and home furnishing market to return to the same period before the epidemic, but overall, the home building materials industry is gradually recovering, and the industry's development is gradually becoming normal.


With the upgrading of consumption, the demand factors of green, environmental protection and health are increasing, and the high-end door and window products are favored by consumers. High added value, whether in terms of use value or performance value, can give consumers a better and more high-quality experience. The demand for personalized customization of young user groups is increasing. Accurate positioning and differentiated design have become home decoration. Intelligent and functional hardware such as hydraulic hinges with soft closing function, door dampers for wind and pinch resistance, and hydraulic glass hinges that can be used in bathrooms or commercial office buildings are favored by more and more consumers.

Thirdly, the door, window and home decoration retail industry is undergoing many changes, and the era of transformation and upgrading is coming. From 2020, almost all home furnishing and building materials companies have more or less participated in and organized live broadcast activities. Livestreaming has become a popular consumption method and a normal marketing method for enterprises.

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Post time: Feb-17-2023