What is innovative hydraulic door hardware?

The so-called innovative hydraulic door hardware is a relatively new subdivision field. It integrates the functions of the products, making the original traditional hardware more intelligent and humanization.

In terms of installation methods, there have also been major innovations, which are often easier to install than traditional hardware products, saving labor and installation time. The main series we currently develop are hydraulic patch fittings, hydraulic glass door hinge and hydraulic wooden door hinges. Build the automatic closing function into the bottom patch so to have our current hydraulic door patch. By adding the soft-close function into the glass door hinge, there becomes our hydraulic glass door hinge with automatic self-closing, and hydraulic wooden door hinges with 3-in-1 door closer, door stop and hinge functions. These are a revolution to traditional hardware.

For usage scenarios, we will also carry out refined design of performance. For example, hydraulic glass door hinges are sometimes used in swimming pool fences. For safety requirements, the product needs to be non-hold open, and it must can be closed from any angle to prevent children from accidentally entering the swimming pool area. so our hydraulic glass hinges have a series which is designed specifically for this scenario. And its corrosion resistance, durability, and adaptability to the temperature difference between day and night are particularly strong. The B1 hydraulic glass door hinge series has also compliant with the AS1926.1 Australian swimming pool fence standard. In the future, our company will also develop for various usage scenarios, providing more beautiful, convenient and user-friendly designs for soft closing of glass and wooden doors. Our company is committed to the R&D and production of innovative hydraulic door hardware products. Customers are welcome to contact our international sales team for more information and follow our Youtube channel to stay tuned.

Post time: Aug-10-2022