Why You Should Install a Door Stopper

A door stopper is a simple device that can provide a number of benefits to any home or business. It helps to keep doors from slamming shut, reduces energy costs, prevents wear and tear to door frames, and can increase safety in the home or workplace. Installing a door stopper is a relatively easy task and can be done by just about anyone with a few simple tools.

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Benefits of Installing a Door Stopper

The primary benefit of installing a door stopper is to reduce the amount of noise created when doors are slammed shut. Slammed doors not only create a loud noise, but they can also cause damage to both the door and the door frame. By preventing the door from closing too quickly, a door stopper can help to protect your door and door frame from damage caused by slamming.

Besides reducing noise, door stoppers can also help to increase safety in the home or workplace. By preventing doors from slamming shut, door stoppers can help to prevent accidents and injuries. This is especially true in places where children or animals are present.

Door stoppers are essential tools for keeping doors open in order to reduce the noise of them slamming shut. There are a few main types of door stoppers on the market today, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

The first type is the rubber door stopper. These are the most affordable option, and are great for keeping doors in place as well as absorbing noise. The downside is that they are easily damaged, and can become unsightly over time. 

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rubber door stopper

The second type is a spring door stopper or a magnetic door stopper. These are more expensive than rubber door stoppers, but they last a lot longer and are much more attractive. They are also better for preventing a door from slamming shut compared with the rubber ones, as the spring helps to absorb the shock of the door closing. But sometimes the door stopper will fall off from the mounting door, leaving an ugly hole on the wall. It also very troublesome to fix as you have to refill cement and wall paint.

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But it is still not good enough because when the door is pushed open hardly by wind or other external force, the old type door stopper like rubber one or spring one, or magnetic one, all of them will make a noise by themselves, and sometimes the door will bounce back when door stopper failed to catch the slamming door. It gives a very un-comfortable experience to people and also hidden dangers.

How should an ideal door stopper be like in installation and use?

For ideal installation and use, a door stopper should be durable and easy to install. It should be made of high-quality materials that will not rust or corrode, and be able to withstand heavy foot-traffic. The door stopper should also be easy to use; it should be adjustable to different door heights and provide a secure fit. Additionally, the stopper should not be too bulky and should not impede the door from opening and closing.It should be able to catch a slamming door and stop it softly and safely.  Lastly, the door stopper should have a non-slip base and be designed to provide added safety and security. Ningbo Pentagon Damper Corporation is developing an innovative door stopper comes with sleek design, nice soft stop function and easy installation. Please contact our sales department to get the latest information about it.

Post time: Feb-04-2023