• hydraulic patch suitable for various types of floor, no need to dig in ground. easy installation and saving labor. 500,000cycles CE certified

    Architectural glass door hydraulic patch non digging floor spring

    1 (1)EU EN1154 Professional certification and quality guarantee

    1 (2)Wind resistance High-performance hydraulic damping

    1 (3)500,000 cycles Ultra-long-life span Quality assurance is safe and durable

    1 (4)Easy to install Easy installation, saving time& labor

    1 (5)Stable load compact design with large load capacity

  • hydraulic patch for wooden pivot doors, concealed in the bottom of door panel,look nice and durable.load capacity 65kgs. have stainless finish and black finish plates to match different color of door.

    Adjustable concealed hydraulic patch for wooden doors angle:140°double action 2.Door hold open section: 90°and 120 -140°3.Two speeds adjustable Valve 1:90°- o° Valve 2:30°- o° This product is designed for wooden doors and framed doors. It is easy to install and does not need to dig cavity on the wooden floor, saving manual installation. The effect is beautiful and the speed can be easily adjusted. It has passed CE test for 500,000cycles, the scientific design and workmanship ensure the durable life, it is an ideal solution for external do...
  • Glass Door Top Patch Fittings are a great way to upgrade the look of your doors. They provide a secure, stylish, and easy-to-install solution for door frames and offer protection against the elements.

    Door bottom patch accessories glass door hydraulic glass clip

    The TP-1B series top patch fittings are specially design to match the D1 hydraulic patch series with same size cover plate.  The consistent size from top to bottom gives the product a more beautiful effect.  The material is good quality SS304, with welded rail to mount with the inner pieces. Available in SSS, PSS, BLACK MATTE finishes. 1. Preferred materials Selected thickened materials, the main body is strong and durable, not easy to wear, strong load-bearing capacity, durable 2.T...
  • Glass Door Top Patch Fittings are hardware components used to attach glass doors to walls and other surfaces for a secure, aesthetically pleasing finish. They are made from high-quality materials and provide an easy installation process.

    Glass door stainless steel SS304 top pivot patch accessories

    Warranty: 2 years After-sale Service: Online technical support, Return and Replacement Project Solution Capability: graphic design, 3D model design Application: Office Building Place of Origin: Zhejiang China Design Style: Modern Type: Top pivot Model Number: Top pivot Material: SUS304 Product Name: patch fitting Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details Packing of patch fitting: first pack with foam box, then put into inner box, 6sets per carton Port Ningbo/Shanghai , o...
  • The Concealed Door Closer Hinge is an innovative and efficient solution for any door that needs a gentle close. This hinge offers a robust and durable design, combined with a soft close feature that ensures the door closes slowly and quietly. It is made from high-grade stainless steel and comes with adjustable tension for a customizable fit. This door closer hinge is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and silent closure.

    Adjustable concealed invisible hidden hinge invisible door closer hinge

    M9 concealed door closer hinge is a new milestone in door closer technology. The hydraulic damping device is hidden inside the door body to meet the highest requirements for comfort and functionality. The door closes gently, silently and steadily with just a light push. The unique door closing function closes the door gently and automatically when the door is less than 80 degrees. Its elegant and stylish appearance meets the needs of customers who have the highest requirements for design and ...
  • A hydraulic door closer is a device that helps keep a door closed, reducing the risk of accidental contact and ensuring security. Hydraulic door closers use fluid mechanics to provide a gentle, controlled closure that prevents slamming.

    Easy installation Stainless steel hydraulic hinges auto close hinge

    Installation of M2 hydraulic door hinge Performance and introduction of M2 Items Technical data Dimension 168x100x26x3.2mm Maximum opening angle 180° single direction, left or right open Material High quality carbon steel, SUS304 or Aviation aluminium Finish Carbon steel: Lacquer coating, SUS304: BSS Aviation aluminium: Anodized Closing force 7.5 ~ 15N.m Lifespan 100,000cycles Maximum door weight ≤80kg Maximum door height ≤2400mm Maximum door width ≤1200mm Door th...
  • Our hydraulic door damper P8 series is specially designed for interior swing doors. After getting through the door, push the door behind you slightly, and the damper will make it soft closing from the last 15 degrees.

    Kid safety anti slam door damper Soft close hydraulic door damper concealed type

    ltems Technical data Material Steel and Aluminum Suitable door weight ≤50Kg Suitable door width ≤900mm Direction Left or Right Open Suitable temperature -5°℃ ~40°℃ Closing force 5N.m Lifespan 100,000cycles Application Indoor, residential room doors 1.Compared with other types of door closers, the appearance is small and it is built-in hidden installation, and the overall appearance is high. 2.The large closing force means that the suitable door weight range is wider an...
Hydraulic door damper is a device designed to reduce the speed of closing and opening doors, providing quiet and controlled operation. It is ideal for use in commercial and residential applications.

    hydraulic door damper for interior swing doors

    Instruction and performance of P7 door damper 360° view of door damper P7 door damper is a surface mounted damping door closer, can be directly installed on the existing door, slim design, easy to install, automatically soft close from the last 15 degrees, and very light to push open.  Suitable for interior wooden doors below 60kgs. ltems Technical data Material Steel and Aluminum Finish White,Grey,Rosewood,Natural Suitable door weight ≤60Kg Suitable door width ≤900mm D...
  • hydraulic glass door hinge is a nice product for using on both office buildings, commercial glass doors, shower doors as well as swimming pool fencing gates.

    B1-90 B1-180 Hydraulic glass door hinge soft close shower door hinge

    1 (1)90°can stop the door (optional)

    1 (2)Less than 85° can automatically close the door slowly

    1 (3)Two speeds adjustable

    1 (4)Easy to install

    1 (5)Super durable

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