Soft close door damper

  • Our hydraulic door damper P8 series is specially designed for interior swing doors. After getting through the door, push the door behind you slightly, and the damper will make it soft closing from the last 15 degrees.

    Kid safety anti slam door damper Soft close hydraulic door damper concealed type

    ltems Technical data Material Steel and Aluminum Suitable door weight ≤50Kg Suitable door width ≤900mm Direction Left or Right Open Suitable temperature -5°℃ ~40°℃ Closing force 5N.m Lifespan 100,000cycles Application Indoor, residential room doors 1.Compared with other types of door closers, the appearance is small and it is built-in hidden installation, and the overall appearance is high. 2.The large closing force means that the suitable door weight range is wider an...
Hydraulic door damper is a device designed to reduce the speed of closing and opening doors, providing quiet and controlled operation. It is ideal for use in commercial and residential applications.

    hydraulic door damper for interior swing doors

    Instruction and performance of P7 door damper 360° view of door damper P7 door damper is a surface mounted damping door closer, can be directly installed on the existing door, slim design, easy to install, automatically soft close from the last 15 degrees, and very light to push open.  Suitable for interior wooden doors below 60kgs. ltems Technical data Material Steel and Aluminum Finish White,Grey,Rosewood,Natural Suitable door weight ≤60Kg Suitable door width ≤900mm D...